Dmiti Orgorodnkov


Ogorodnikov, Dmitri A.

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POSITION TITLE: Consultant, Mount Sinai Medical center, New York;  Founder and Principal Engineer, FNND

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Rostov State University, Rostov-on-Don, Russia



Physics & Electronics, Radiophysics

Level II MSP430 Advanced Technical Training by Texas Instruments, inc., Dallas, TX


2004, 2008

Embedded programming

A. Personal Statement

I have 30 years of experience in scientific and technical fields including biological and physical research, system design, analytical equipment design, and computer programming. I have a strong mathematical background, extensive experience with computer simulation of processes, and excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. I am skilled in systems architecture, system integration, design of complicated scientific, medical and industrial equipment based on computer technology. With over 20 years of experience with programming real-time embedded systems, I have solid practical experience in cutting-edge signal and image processing techniques, data acquisition, analog and digital electronics, and am familiar with DSP, data streams, compression algorithms and pattern recognition. I am an expert in designing portable and wireless data acquisition, measurement and control systems, and human-machine interfaces.  I am an expert in  system modeling, neuronal data processing, development of novel  methods for neuronal recording data processing.

B. Positions and Honors

Positions and Employment

1980-1984 Laboratory Technician, Dep. of Physics, Rostov State University, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

1984-1986 Engineer, Institute of Radio Communications, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

1987-1992 Research Associate, Inst. of General Physics of the Acad. of Science, USSR, Moscow, Russia

1992-1998 Res. Associate, Res. Institute of Physics of Rostov State University, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

1998-1999 Visiting Res., Federal Inst. Materials Research and Testing (Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und –prüfung), Berlin-Adlershof, Germany

1999-2002 Visiting Research Associate, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, USA

2002-2012 Senior Systems Engineer, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, USA

2011-pres Founder and Principal Engineer, FNND LLC, New Jersey, USA

2012-pres        Consultant, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, USA

2012-pres        Consultant, NYU Medical Center, New York, USA

Honors and Professional Memberships

2000-Pres. IEEE member

2003-Pres. New York Academy of Science

2004-Pres. International Who’s Who Historical Society

2004-Pres. Empire Who’s Who Registry Of Executives and Professionals

2006-Pres.  Society for Neuroscience


2000 German Patent:  DE0010015385A1

「Method for performing the Mössbauer spectroscopy and device for its implementation」

2016    US Patent WO 2017/223512 "Mitigating unexpected syncope with vestibular stimulation"

2018  USA patents pending

C. Contributions to Science

1. Improvement of eye movement recording instrumentation

Eye movement-based research is expanding. I continue to improve existing methods by evaluating the technological limits and developing appropriate calibration. I also work with and advise leaders in the field.

a. Braun AE, Martinelli GP, Xiang Y, MacDougall HG, Ogorodnikov D, Raphan T, Holstein GR, Cohen B, Yakushin SB. Adaptation of the mouse angular vestibulo-ocular reflex (aVOR) depends on head orientation in gravity. Abstract, Society for Neuroscience 36, 2006, 243.5/L9.

b. Yakushin SB, Kunin M, Ogorodnikov D, Cohen B, Raphan T. Effects of the linear vestibulo-ocular reflex on accommodative vergence eye movements. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2009 May;1164:499-504. PMID: 19645957

c. Reingold EM. Eye Tracking Research and Technology: Towards Objective Measurement of Data Quality. Vis cogn. 2014 Mar; 22(3): 635–652. PMCID: PMC3996543

2. Portable magnetic field generator for eye movement recording

Magnetic coil systems have been a standard for measuring eye movements since they were first introduced. Previously utilized configurations required large field coils, making it difficult to study eye movements in freely moving animals. I contributed to the design of a new, portable configuration capable of accurately measuring eye movements in three dimensions during head free locomotion.

a. Ogorodnikov D, Tarasenko S, Yakushin S, Cohen B, Raphan T. Head fixed field coil system for measuring eye movements in freely moving monkeys. Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 2006;1:5567-70. PMID: 17946708

b. Yakushin SB, Kolesnikova OV, Cohen B, Ogorodnikov DA, Suzuki J, Della Santina CC, Minor LB, Raphan T. Complementary gain modifications of the cervico-ocular (COR) and angular vestibulo-ocular (aVOR) reflexes after canal plugging. Exp Brain Res. 2011 May;210(3-4):549-60. PMID: 21286691

c. Rivers TJ, Sirota MG, Guttentag AI, Ogorodnikov DA, Shah NA, Beloozerova IN. Gaze shifts and fixations dominate gaze behavior of walking cats. Neuroscience. 2014 Sep 5;275:477-99. PMID: 24973656

3. Galvanic vestibular stimulation

Galvanic (electrical) stimulation of the vestibular nerves has a number of potential applications including clinical testing of vestibular pathologies, therapy, and induction of illusory sensation of motion. However, the precise effects of galvanic stimulation on the nervous system are still not well understood. I have designed and developed systems for humans and animals for delivering galvanic stimulation and monitoring autonomic responses.

a. Holstein GR, Friedrich VL Jr, Martinelli GP, Ogorodnikov D, Yakushin SB, Cohen B. Fos expression in neurons of the rat vestibulo-autonomic pathway activated by sinusoidal galvanic vestibular stimulation. Front Neurol. 2012 Feb 28;3:4. PMID: 22403566

b. Cohen B, Martinelli GP, Ogorodnikov D, Xiang Y, Raphan T, Holstein GR, Yakushin SB. Sinusoidal galvanic vestibular stimulation (sGVS) induces a vasovagal response in the rat. Exp Brain Res. 2011 Apr;210(1):45-55. PMID: 21374078

c. Voustianiouk A, Kaufmann H, Diedrich A, Raphan T, Biaggioni I, Macdougall H, Ogorodnikov D, Cohen B. Electrical activation of the human vestibulo-sympathetic reflex. Exp Brain Res. 2006 May;171(2):251-61. PMID: 16308690

4. Synchronized wireless 3D motion sensor

Development   of a system for  simultaneously and wirelessly recording of 3-dimensional motion information of multiple subjects for the study of motion sickness on tilting trains.

a. Cohen B, Dai M, Ogorodnikov D, Laurens J, Raphan T, Müller P, Athanasios A, Edmaier J, Grossenbacher T, Stadtmüller K, Brugger U, Hauser G, Straumann D. Motion sickness on tilting trains. FASEB J. 2011 Nov;25(11):3765-74. PMID: 21788449

5. Mathematical modeling of neuronal processes

System modeling, neuronal data processing, development of novel  methods for neuronal recording data processing.

a) Adaptation of spatio-temporal convergent properties in central vestibular neurons in monkeys.

Eron JN, Ogorodnikov D, Horn AKE, Yakushin SB.

Physiol Rep. 2018 Sep;6(17):e13750. doi: 10.14814/phy2.13750.

b)   Complementary gain modifications of the cervico-ocular (COR) and angular vestibulo-ocular (aVOR)   reflexes after canal plugging.

Yakushin SB, Kolesnikova OV, Cohen B, Ogorodnikov DA, Suzuki J, Della Santina CC, Minor LB, Raphan T.

Exp Brain Res. 2011 May;210(3-4):549-60. doi: 10.1007/s00221-011-2558-6. Epub 2011 Feb 1.


D. Additional Information: Research Support and/or Scholastic Performance

Research support (completed)

Source: NIH DC012573, 2013-2016

「Vestibular Control of the Vasovagal Response」

Principal Investigator: Bernard Cohen

Primary role in the project: Instrumentation and computer programming

Source: NIH DC007847, 2007-2012

「Neural Mechanisms of Motion Sickness」

Principal Investigator: Mingjia Dai

Primary role in the project: Instrumentation and computer programming

Source: NIH DC012573, 2001-2012

「Context-specific Spatial Adaptation of the VOR」

Principal Investigator: Sergei Yakushin

Primary role in the project: Instrumentation and computer programming

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