Asian Congress on Biotechnology (ACB-2011)

作者:   2010-04-26
  • 会议时间: 2011-05-11至 2011-05-15
  • 会议地点: 上海
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  • 联系地址:Bio-Building #3, 800 Dong-Chuan Road, Shanghai 200240, China
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The theme for ACB-2011 is “Biotechnology for Better Life”. Our world is facing various challenges including environmental deterioration, energy crisis, shortage of natural resources, threats in public health and life, and imbalances in social and economic development. Life sciences are expected to play an important role in addressing those problems to meet the remaining and emerging needs of our society.

ACB-2011 aims to provide a forum for biotechnologists and biochemical engineers from Asia and other regions of the world to exchange ideas and findings in biotechnology research and development, to share the experiences in advancing biotechnological development or business adventure, and to further research and business cooperation. In addition to featuring world renowned scientists the technical program will also highlight aspiring young scientists and engineers from Asian countries.

Session Topics and Forums

1   Bioprocess Engineering

2   Systems Biology and Synthetic Biology

3   Enzyme and Protein Engineering

4   Nano-and Analytical Biotechnology

5   Biorefinery, Biofuels and Bioproducts

6   Extremophiles and Marine Biotechnology

7   Agriculture and Food Biotechnology

8   Environmental Biotechnology

9   Pharmaceutical and Medical Biotechnology

10  Stem Cells, Tissue Engineering, and Biomaterials

11  Bioindustry Forum

12  Young Scientists Forum

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