ICSB 2011 - International Workshop on Cancer Systems Biology

作者:   2011-04-07
ICSB 2011 - July 2-3, Changchun Jilin, China
The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers and clinicians with a wide range of expertise but sharing a common interest: gaining improved understanding about cancer and presenting their insights about cancer. Specifically we are interested in gaining new and systems-level understanding about cancer formation, progression, diagnosis and treatment through exchange of ideas and experiences by the invited speakers and attendees of the workshop.
Registration for the workshop is free and opens to all students and researchers. Registration will be available until June 15th, 2011, or until when 150 people have registered. Attendees need complete the "registration form" and email it to the following email address and will receive confirmation by email.
Post-Meeting Tour
There will be a 3-day trip to Chang-Bai Mountain after the ICSB 2011 workshop. Attendees who wish to register the postmeeting tour, please contact us about the 3-day trip cost.