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作者:   2012-02-21

Call for papers:  Electronic Journal of Biology

Special Issue on “Computational Methods in BioinformaticsGuest Editors: Bin Song


Computation methods have low costs and high performance comparing with in vivo and in vitro strategies. Therefore, computational methods play more and more significant roles in biological and medical fields. Currently, scientists begin to focus on the study of computational approaches for its bright future. With the rapid progress of computational approach achievements, it needs a platform for scientists to discuss and communicate their contributions and developments. Then, these computational methods will be utilized to different practical applications. This special issue provides this platform and aims at the study of computational methods in Bioinformatics.


The following is our interested topics, not limit to.

- Computational genome and sequence analysis: Sequence alignment, domain detection, motif discovery, sequence search and clustering, genome assembly, genome annotation, gene finding, et al.

- Structural analysis: RNA/Protein structure prediction, structural alignment, structural modelling, functional prediction, et al.

- Data analysis: Microarray data analysis, bioinformatics database building, data mining and pattern discovery, information retrieving, et al.

- Biological system: System modelling/simulation, metabolic engineering computational approaches, pathways/networks analysis, pathways/networks alignments, et al.

- Computational methods in drug discovery: Virtual screening, target identification, computational methods for docking, computational approaches in drug design, et al.

Article types

Original articles, Brief reports, Perspectives and Full-length review articles. (Please specify in your submission letter).


Papers must be submitted to the email: songbin00@gmail.com or chair eJbio editor. As an author, you are responsible for understanding and adhering to submission guidelines (available online at (http://www.ejbio.com/submission.html). Although there is no restriction on length, we would prefer shorter papers (10 pages or less) to longer ones, for the sake of greater diversity and more thorough reviewing. Authors are therefore encouraged to be as concise as possible (full-length review papers not included). Electronic submissions are required and may be sent as one email. The message should contain (i) the abstract in ASCII and (ii) the whole paper in .doc format. All submitted papers will be refereed according to the usual eJBio refereeing process. To aid planning and organization, we would appreciate an email or a letter of intent to submit a paper (including author information, a tentative title and abstract, and an estimated number of pages) as early as possible. For any query regarding submission, feel free to contact the Editor in Chief.

Important Dates

- Submission deadline : April 1, 2012

- Completion of 1st round of reviews: April 30, 2012

- Minor/Major revision due (1st round): May 15, 2012

- Completion of 2nd round of reviews: May 30, 2012

- Minor revision due (2nd round): June 15, 2012

- Publication date: July, 2012

Guest Editors

Dr. Bin Song Oracle, USA

Email: songbin00@gmail.com

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