UAB's 3rd Annual NIGMS-funded Short Course on Statistical Genetics & Genomics

作者:   2013-03-31

The University of Alabama at Birmingham's Section on Statistical Genetics is pleased to announce the 3rd Annual NIGMS-funded Short Course on Statistical Genetics & Genomics in Birmingham, AL on July 8 - 12, 2013. Focusing on the state-of-art methodology to analyze complex traits, this five-day course will offer an interactive program to enhance researchers' ability to understand & use statistical genetic methods, as well as implement & interpret sophisticated genetic analyses. Limited number of Travel Fellowships & Bursary Service Awards available, see website for details. Only participants residing in the US are eligible for Travel Fellowships!

Topics to include:

Intro (Biostatistics; Genetics & Genomics); GWAS Design/Analysis/Imputation/Interpretation; Non-Mendelian Disorders Analysis; Pharmacogenetics/Pharmacogenomics; ELSI; Rare Variants & Exome Sequencing; Whole Genome Prediction; Analysis of DNA Methylation Microarray Data; Variant Calling from NGS Data; RNAseq: Experimental Design and Data Analysis; Analysis of ChIP-seq Data; Statistical Methods for NGS Data; Discovering new drugs & diagnostics from 300 billion points of data.

Software demos:

Intro to R & Bioconductor; PLINK; IMPUTE; MaCH/Thunder/Minimac; Plink/Seq; CpGassoc; Bowtie/TopHat; SAMTools; IGV; R packages for RNA-seq & ChIP-seq.

To insure the depth and practicality of the training program, we will provide 10 laptops to students or student pairs in the classroom. Each computer will be loaded with the required statistical software. Participants are encouraged to bring their laptop. Many of the faculty have substantial expertise with the use of software for statistical genetics and have even authored some.


Guests: Atul Butte, MD/PhD - Stanford Univ.; Ellen Clayton, MD/JD - Vanderbilt Univ.; Karen Conneely, PhD - Emory Univ.; Warren Ewens, PhD - Univ. of Pennsylvania; Eleanor Finegold, PhD - Univ. of Pittsburgh; Carl Langefeld, PhD - Wake Forest Univ.; Suzanne M. Leal, PhD - Baylor College; Alison Motsinger-Reif, PhD - NC State Univ.; Hao Wu, PhD - Emory University.

UAB: Gustavo de los Campos, PhD; Xiangqin Cui, PhD; Hemant Tiwari, PhD; Degui Zhi PhD.

For more details & registration, please see:

Funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS).

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