The 10th Solanaceae Conference (Genome versus Phenome)

作者:   2013-04-09
  • 会议时间: 2013-10-13至 2013-10-17
  • 会议地点: 北京
  • 电话:010-68597750
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  • 联系人:兰翠玲
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  • 会议网址:www.sol2013.0rg

Dear Colleagues,

You are cordially invited to the 10th Solanaceae Conference (SOL 2013) to be held at the Beijing Friendship Hotel in Beijing, China, from October 13-17, 2013. As in past years, SOL 2013 would bring together spectrum of scientists working on different aspects of Solanaceae ranging from biodiversity, genetics, development and genomics. With the availability of the

high-quality genome sequence of tomato and potato, studies of the SOL community have extended from structural genomics into virtually every aspect of functional genomics. SOL 2013 would be a forum to discuss the impact of the reference genome on different aspects of Solanaceae studies. Meanwhile, a battery of high throughput technologies, including transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics, are leading the way in providing new insights into the inner workings of plant cells. Importantly, the cell biology toolbox, which is previously mainly restricted to animal and yeast cells, has finally been built up in Solanaceae allowing researchers to establish the fundamental linkage between genotypes versus phenotypes. The conference would also provide a forum to sit together and create a roadmap for future of the Solanaceae Community.

The proposed program lists 37 confirmed invited speakers who will be distributed through 12 sessions. Each session will include these invited speakers and 15-minute shorter talks of which will be chosen from the submitted abstracts. Each chair will introduce the subject of the session and will encourage discussion.

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