ChinaBio® Partnering Forum 2017

作者:   2017-04-14
  • 会议时间: 2017-05-31至 2017-06-01
  • 会议地点: 珠海市
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Secure your presentation slot at ChinaBio® Partnering Forum


ChinaBio Partnering Forum 2017, Zhuhai, China, May 31-June1, 2017

Apply to present 申请路演:

New China FDA rules elevate cross-border partnerships. CFDA 近期颁布新规使得现在成为打造跨国合作的最好时机。

Limited presentation slots available to attract potential international partners and investors. 通过路演吸引国际合作伙伴和投资者。

Secure your presentation slot today. 还有少量名额,报名从速!

New rules just proposed by the China FDA will make cross-border collaboration and investment easier:

Foreign-approved IND are exempt from filing new IND requests in China, speeding up drug trials by two years or more.

China clinical trials can now begin without completion of an additional Phase I trial.

Regulatory processes for new drugs are expedited.

IND/CTA approvals for drugs for certain indications such as cancer can start clinical trials within three months.

There is no better time to present your company than at ChinaBio® Partnering Forum 2017

Apply here:

Presenting is the most direct way to get your product/technology in front of the right audience:

Increase your company's visibility and generate interest.

Put your licensable asset on the opportunity map.

Pitch your company to top-tier VCs, pharma and private equity investors.

Frame your global strategy with companies from over 25 countries.

April 21, 2017 - Deadline to submit an application

Contact us if you have any further questions. We are happy to help.



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ChinaBio® Group
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