The 4th International Ion Channel Conference

作者:   2013-06-21

We are pleased to announce the Fourth International Ion Channel Conference: Structure, Function & Therapeutics. The conference willbe held at the World Trade Plaza Hotel in Shijiazhuang, China from 30thJune to 2nd July, 2013.

The ion channel conference has been a biennialevent started 7 years ago (2007) in Dalian, and continued with the second and the third meetings held in Harbin (2009) and Shanghai (2011),China. The conference has become a major event for ion channelresearchers in China, as well as a valuable platform for overseaattendees to meet friends and colleagues to exchange ideas and fostercollaborations. It has attracted attendees from both academia andindustry.Ion channels play important roles in physiology and pathogenesis of diseases. The ion channel proteins are important drugtargets for therapeutics and their exquisite molecular mechanisms are amajor interest of basic research. With the cloning of most of ionchannels and recent progresses in structural studies on ion channels,research on ion channels is entering an era of fast development and the therapeutic potentials of ion channel targets are being realized at anincreasing pace. The organizing committee is determined to promote the conference to a high scientific standard and to become a majorinternational meeting for all ion channel researchers around the world.

The fourth ion channel conference will include six oral sessions and poster sessions. Some of the oral presentations will be given byinvited speakers and others will be selected from the submitted abstracts on the basis of scientific merit and relevance.

编辑: 小蒋