First Sino-US Symposium on Peptide and Protein Science

作者:   2013-08-25

Sino-US Symposiums on Peptide and Protein Science provide Chinese life scientists with a platform to learn about the latest developments in peptide and protein research. By promoting exchange and collaboration between Chinese and American scientists, Xi'an symposiums aim to bridge basic and applied research on peptides and proteins, facilitate the translation of basic science discoveries into improved human health, and contribute to the innovation and advancement of life sciences in both countries.The focus of the First Sino-US Symposium on Peptide and Protein Science is on (1) antimicrobial peptides in innate immunity, and (2) total chemical protein synthesis. Dr. Robert C. Gallo, a world-renowned virologist and Director of the Institute of Human Virology of the University of Maryland School of Medicine, will deliver a plenary speech. Dr. Yi Zeng of China CDC, a prominent virologist and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Dr. Stephen B.H. Kent of the University of Chicago, a world-renowned peptide chemist, will give keynote speeches. We are honored to have talks given by many experts in the fields including Drs. Michael Zasloff of Georgetown University, Charles Bevins of UC Davis, and Andre Ouellette of USC, who discovered several important classes of antimicrobial peptides. Two special guests from the University of Queensland, Australia, Drs. David Craik and Paul Alewood, will also present their latest findings on peptide toxins at this symposium.

编辑: 小蒋