2014 IEEE医学影像技术学术会议

作者:   2014-08-31

The IEEE Medical Imaging Conference (MIC) is the leading international scientific medical imaging meeting bringing together a broad community interested in the physics, engineering, and mathematical aspects of medical imaging. As the field rapidly evolves towards interdisciplinary, multi-modality approaches, the topics covered in the conference range from nuclear medicine (SPECT and PET) to X-ray, CT, optical, MR imaging, and their combination. In addition to this broad portfolio, Joint NSS-MIC sessions will cover hardware topics of interest to both communities and Short Courses will cover specialized timely topics. Authors are invited to submit papers describing original, previously unpublished work pertaining to the topics listed here.征文范围及要求:Data Corrections and Quantitative Imaging Techniques
Emission Tomography Instrumentation (PET, SPECT)
High Resolution & Pre-Clinical Imaging Instrumentation, Techniques and Systems
Image Reconstruction Methods
Imaging in Radiotherapy and Hadron Therapy
Intra-Operative Probes & Portable Imaging Systems
Multi-Modality Systems
New Detector Materials/Technologies for Medical Imaging
Other Medical Imaging Technologies (CT, MR, Optical, Ultrasound, etc.)
Parametric Imaging and Tracer Kinetic Modeling
Signal and Image Processing
Simulation and Modeling of Medical Imaging Systems

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