2nd Asia-Pacific Osteoporosis and Bone Meeting

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The Presidents of IOF and ANZBMS along with the Local Organising Committee are pleased to invite you to participate in the IOF Regionals - 2nd Asia-Pacific Osteoporosis and Bone Meeting being held in conjunction with the ANZBMS Annual Scientific Meeting and JSBMR in September 4-8, 2011.

The Asia-Pacific region is the largest growth market in the world in the bone field. As revealed by the IOF Asian Audit in 2009, it is anticipated that by 2050 more than 50% of all osteoporotic fractures will occur in Asia.

With an active Asia-Pacific Office and 28 member societies from the Region,? IOF Regionals provide the first and only? annual opportunity for a truly Regional Meeting to occur in the Asia-Pacific Region.? IOF Meetings focus on clinical treatment of osteoporosis as well as cutting edge science in the field. ANZBMS meetings are the peak Bone and Mineral professional events in the Australian and New Zealand region and JSBMR serves the entire Japanese community with annual scientific meetings in the area of bone and mineral research.

The Meeting format includes plenary sessions, abstract presentations, poster presentations and viewing, Meet-the-Expert sessions, satellite symposia, award presentations, workshops and several social events.

We hope to see you there!

John A. Kanis,
President - International Osteoporosis Foundation

Rebecca Mason,
President - Australian and New Zealand Bone & Mineral Society

Program ? ?

Please see below for a draft program at a glance and preliminary seminar topics and associated titles. Please keep posted for more program details.

PROGRAM AT A GLANCE - Please click here for a downloadable program at a glance


  • Biomechanics and Bone Measurement
  • Mark Forwood , "Why bones fail: structure and mechanics"
  • Ego Seeman , "Measuring microarchitecture"
  • Clinical Management of Osteoporosis I
  • Hiroshi Hagino , "Incidence and prevention of second hip fracture in Japan"
  • John Kanis , "To BMD or not to BMD?
  • Markus Seibel , "Fracture liaison services"
  • Clinical Osteoporosis Management II
  • Jacqui Center , "Osteoporosis Management and Mortality"
  • Toshio Matsumoto , "New strategies for treatment of osteoporosis"
  • Philip Sambrook , "Osteoporosis:? what should we measure, what should we check, whom should we treat, and with what?"
  • Fracture Risk Algorithms: Soothsaying or Science?
  • Emma Duncan , "Genetics, bones and fracture"
  • John Kanis , Getting to Grips with FRAX: how it really works
  • Male Osteoporosis
  • Shigeaki Kato , "Estrogens, androgens and bone"
  • Eric Orwoll , "Osteoporosis in men"
  • Malignancy and Bone
  • Cory Xian , "Mechanisms and prevention for cancer chemotherapy-induced bone defects"
  • Toshio Yoneda , "Bone pain associated with cancer metastasis to bone"
  • Andrew Zannetino , "Myeloma and bone"
  • Non-Canonical Bone
  • Paul Baldock , "Bones and brains"
  • Caryl Nowson , "Bones and salt: the renin/angiotensin/aldosterone axis in bone"
  • Matthew Warman , "LRP5, serotonin and bone"
  • Osteoclasts
  • Natalie Sims , "Osteoblastic support of osteoclasts"
  • Nao Takahashi , "Quiescent osteoclast precursors"
  • Sanuo Takeshita , "Couplin"
  • Sakae Tanaka , "Regulation of activity and apoptosis of osteoclasts"
  • Osteoporosis in Oceania / Asia Pacific Region
  • Cyrus Cooper, "Secular trends in fracture incidence: Why are fractures increasing in Asia but falling in the West?"
  • Edith Lau , "Strategies for fracture prevention in Asia - where do we go from here?"
  • Ambrish Mithal , "Strategies to overcome epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency in Asia"
  • Paediatric Bone Disease
  • Christopher Cowell , "Measuring a growing skeleton, and the effect of ethnicity on bone and body composition"?
  • Keiichi Ozono , "Osteoporosis and Osteopetrosis in the young"
  • Tania Winzenberg , "Nutrition and bone in children"
  • Paget''s Disease
  • Tim Cundy , "The epidemiology of Paget''s disease"
  • Stuart Ralston , "The genetics of Paget''s disease"
  • Rheumatology and Bone
  • Steven Goldring , "Inflammation and bone resorption in Rheumatoid Arthritis"
  • Hiroshi Takayanagi , "Osteoimmunology"
  • Gethin Thomas , "Inflammation and bone formation in Ankylosing Spondylitis"
  • Skeletal Dysplasias
  • Seiji Fukumoto , "Hypophosphataemia and FGF23"
  • Matthew Warman , "Mouse models for Skeletal Dysplasias"
  • Andreas Zankl , "Skeletal dysplasias: a new approach"
  • The Effects of Ageing
  • Neil Binkley , "Sarcopaenia and ageing"
  • David Scott , "Sarcopaenia and Vitamin D"
  • Therapeutics in Osteoporosis: Controversies
  • Peter Ebeling , "The perils and pitfalls of antiresorptives"
  • Satoshi Mori , "Fracture healing- tissue changes with bisphosphonates"
  • Alvin Ng , "Atypical Subtrochanteric and Diaphyseal Femoral Fractures - What We Know and What We Don''t"
  • Speaker to be confirmed , "The positives of bisphosphonates"
  • Workshop on Bone Regeneration
  • Simon Cool , "Stem cells and fracture repair"
  • Yunfeng Lin , "Adipose Stem Cells and Craniofacial Regeneration"
  • Hala Zreiqat , "A basis for building bone:? novel nanocomposite scaffolds for new bone growth"