2014FASEB Science Research Conference--“Biology and Pathobiology of Krüppel-Like Factors (KLFs)”

作者:   2013-11-25
  • 会议时间: 2014-08-03至 2014-08-08
  • 会议地点: 美国
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The 2014FASEB Science Research Conference on Biology and Pathobiology of Krüppel-Like Factors (KLFs) focuses onrecent advances in our understanding of the KLFs, an important family of transcriptional regulators and will also include talks on the closely related Sp transcription factor family. 

This FASEB Conference is the only international conference devoted specifically to the KLFs.  The major themes of the conference will be the function of the KLFs in stem cells and development, vascular biology, epigenetic regulation, metabolic control and disease, differentiation, inflammation, tumor biology, and cell signaling.  Through this FASEB Conference, investigators will define new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for the many diseases involving the KLFs. 

In addition, because participants at this FASEB Conference will come from many different fields, participants will establish new interactions and collaborations. This FASEB Conference will also feature specialized programs and seminars fortrainees and junior investigators.  Conference attendees willincludecardiologists, developmental biologists, gastroenterologists, geneticists, immunologists, oncologists, stem cell biologists, and structural biologists.

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